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Miriro Mwandiambira
Try to Adore me, no? (extract) documentation of performance , 2017
video documentation of performance
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Try to Adore Me, no? 2017 Harare In Try to Adore Me, no? Mwandiambira brings into the public domain the intimate drama of a young woman drowning in social expectations ad peer group pressure. In the middle of a busy downtown street in Harare, we encounter a dramatised dysmorphic version of a young woman in front of a mirror in her bedroom, using every wrong material to achieve the impossible ideals of composure and beauty which are only genuinely available to an inanimate store mannequin. As it unfolds the performance also becomes an intervention and provocation to the public. Debates and discussions among onlookers ensure about what is happening and what is to be done about it, with some becoming angry and wanting to stop the performance and others defending her. From something personal the performance becomes an opportunity to reflect on the ability of a woman or any individual to assert and express themselves honestly in Zimbabwe today.
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