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Miriro Mwandiambira
Sugar Embodiment (Lost in Translation) performance Genoa, Italy 2019, 2019
video documentation of performance
$ 300 USD
Sugar Embodiment – Performance in Genoa 2019 Lost in Translation. This performance transposes an experience of downtown Harare. While missing an actual port, Harare downtown is also a space of transit, exchange, congestion and trade. In this space of intense consumption and traffic, I situation the woman and the feminine as a participant but also one of the things that is objectified and consumed. A plastic mannequin worked in the performance become a symbolic object standing in for both the overwhelming flood of plastic and the humans both responsible for its production and consumption, which dehumanises them and their environment in the process. There are no ethics in the Darwinian survival of the fittest environment, where a woman’s default role is one of undefeated resilience in the face of overwhelming inevitabilities. The symbolic object then becomes the subject of the symbolic action of a futile attempt to cleanse it using all the wrong things recalling the myth of Sisyphus performing a task which only appears to have meaning and acquires meaning not through utility but through its endlessness, which is then interpreted as life. The sun starts setting.
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