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Anne Zanele Mutema
Motherese Statistician ex-facto Part 1, 2022
ink and embroidery on Fabriano paper
25cm x 35cm
$ 250 USD
Motherese Statistician This work is a personalized data tracker of a continual constant determination, constant repetition but not a pattern. An aim of immortalizing memories. Memories created daily from an array of roles i play, an artist, a wife, a sister, a mother, myself, and the one i solely miss of being my mother’s daughter. The boxes are the memories’ capsules, safely stored inside kept from tempering. The patterns on the outside of the boxes are like codes or labels for the memories inside. I sewed the circles using freehand intentionally for it to bring out the continued soft determination of drawing a “the socially perfect” circle and straight line that shows my continued efforts in fulfilling my roles wholesomely. The work in it’s final state is a collection, culmination of and packaging of the converted data into memories, wholly.
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