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Miriro Mwandiambira
Unbroken Wedding Veil, 2018
2018 Fabric, weaves
218cm x 180cm
$ 2,000 USD
Exhibited in Breaking Together Breaking Together “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen, Anthem. Life spares no one. It recognizes neither age, nor skin colour, nor gender. So as much as we suffer its blows individually, we do not suffer alone. And it is this connection, which transcends, sympathy, compassion and empathy, that not only unites us as humans but also is the thread that binds us together in times of grief and adversity, which instead of breaking us apart and destroying us, enables us to emerge as a bigger more beautiful whole. This is what lies at the core of the works in Breaking Together, the process and the outcome of pulling the pieces together, taking the discarded, the damaged and the disused and producing the undeniably beautiful, courageous and inspirational. Mwandiambira both in performance and installation, forces our gaze to stay and examine not just her work and the way her materials speak through her work and interaction with it but the way we feel about those materials ourselves. While exploration of the narrative properties of common materials is a foundation of many contemporary art practices, in Mwandiambira’s work it assumes a distinctly feminine and conversational mode. Not only are the materials satins, silks, lace, weaves telling their stories they are also in discussion among themselves, creating frictions and harmonies along the way. These conversations, while speaking to distinct and specific realities of contemporary life and conditionalities of a young woman living in Harare today, are equally resonant with the big questions shared by all – addressing polarities of beauty and ugliness, respect for tradition and rebellion, conformity and defiance, community and individual. Emerging from turmoil, Breaking Together brings new ways to be whole. Valerie Kabov Curator
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